He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, July 6, 2015

What Of God's Law?

         In our church service on Sunday, the Pastor began by sharing his thoughts, his creed if you will, on the recent law passed by the Supreme Court about Gay marriages.  The fact the Bible is clear on this matter seems to be lost on the Supreme Court Judges, and now every state in the nation must honor these unions.  It is yet another sign the end times are clearly upon us.

         Let me begin my thoughts by stating that while I am adamantly opposed to same sex marriage, because Biblically it is wrong, I am still able to love the person(s) who choose this lifestyle.  I can love the person without condoning behavior, just like I can love my child even though he does not obey me.  It is a matter of choice to love, but then again Biblically, we are instructed to love everyone, and that means everyone, our enemies, and those with whom we do not agree.

         The sermon following the Pastor’s creed and church wide prayer was about adversity.  As Christians our lives are forever changed, whether we like it or not.  As laws, which go against God’s laws, are continuing to be passed, we enter an era of unparalleled persecution for standing on God’s Word as truth. 

         The Bill of Rights, a section of the Constitution defining our basic freedoms and principles of human rights, includes, among others, the right to the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech.  I suggest both of these freedoms are at risk, as courts across the land continue to remove God from all public venues, including the right to pray in school or even in some cases, to bring a Bible to read, without specific permission in personal quiet time! 

         And, depending on where we live, work, or shop we are likely, from time to time, to feel threatened when voicing an opinion that does not liken to our peers.  Is this not imposing fear of freedom of speech?  We are considered racist and intolerant if we don’t agree with the population at large, or our government, on given issues.  My question to those accusing me of intolerance then would be: “If you can accuse me of being intolerant of your views, are you not also being intolerant of mine?”  I base my views on what I believe to be the infallible Word of God, much like the original artisans of the Constitution did so many years ago.  I have a right to my opinion whether any one agrees or not.  It's mine; I own it, and I have the right to voice it!

         When the Constitution was formed back in 1787, the leaders and people of this brand new land wanted to create something that would frame the way people thought, along with a basic set of ground rules for everyone to live by.   So the leaders of the time joined forces, intellect and voices to create the document we now claim as the highest law in the United States: The US Constitution.  This document was written on the foundation of God as the Highest Power and Supreme Ruler of lives.  Our country has come to a time where this is no longer the case.

         So I challenge you, as a Christian, to serious prayer during this next week, and the upcoming months for our world, country, leaders and each other.  We are in for some challenging situations where we are going to have to stand up for what we believe, which may have some ramifications we’d rather not even consider.  It’s undoubtedly the end times, just as the infallible Word of God said would come! Are you ready?