He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, October 19, 2015

God Is Number One

         I am not a mathematician, but the idea of numerology in the Bible completely fascinates me!  One article describes God as 'The Great Geometrician'. 1 To say God did not design through mathematical laws and numbers is to miss the intricacy of the laws which govern our natural world.  Our universe, the solar system, the weather, the Earth itself, our bodies and more are a testament to natural laws. For all the scientific study that has been done, Science has a very long way to go to even come close to understanding it all!  This didn’t just happen randomly. God in his magnificence, designed it!   
            The numeric patterns and consistency we see in our natural world, also exists in the Bible.  Nearly one in every five verses contain some reference to a number. What is amazing is knowing there were 40 men who wrote the Bible, over a span of 1,500 years!1  And most of the men who penned the words did not even know each other! Add to those facts, the numerology demonstrated within the Bible, is consistent through all the writers and the time span.  Only One could make that happen!  God!
            The number one affirms there is only one Creator, the Oneness of the Godhead, yet the unity between God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  One also is seen in the singular sacrifice of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins.  It is only through the blood of Jesus we can obtain salvation. Only through Him can we find one hope, one faith, one baptism, one Lord and Savior!  (Ephesians 4:4-6) There is no other.  Jesus is the “firstborn of every creature.” He was there at the time of creation!   As the “first of the firstfruits” his resurrection makes it possible that all those who know Him, will also be resurrected into eternal life!
            The number “one” is clearly important to God.  It is so important, the first commandment instructs us to worship no other gods, except the One True God.  With all the falsehoods in our world that go against this commandment is it any wonder there is such turmoil?  I hate to even think about counting the number of different faiths that reject God as Sovereign, or Jesus as the Savior of the world. 
What’s more, our society has created so many different kinds of gods, there is an attempt to push the One True God right out the window!  False gods have been around since satan entered the picture back in the Garden of Eden.  He wanted to be god!  Greek Mythology created gods, the Egyptians created their gods as did many other nations.  They were created from rocks, gold and other metals or minerals.  Natural phenomenon like the moon, sun and stars were also named as gods; even the Earth, wind and animals, all of which God created!  But there is only one God.  He is Holy, and there is none before him or none that come after.
All other gods are false.  Those religions who claim a human as god have buried the human man who died and all that remains are his bones.  Jesus died on the cross, was buried, but rose again and is alive and well.  There are no bones in His grave.  He’s NOT there! He rose to be with the Father and we, His children, will rise one day to live with him forever. 
Are you ready?  His return is so close…… perhaps even imminent!