He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, December 14, 2015

Challenged By The Enemy

          I heard a discussion yesterday about how “A Charlie Brown Christmas” was completely misinterpreted.  One person thought “A Charlie Brown Christmas was about a lonely little tree.  What it is really about, is the gift of the Messiah, which is demonstrated when Linus reads Luke 2 and then looks at Charlie Brown and says, “That’s what Christmas is all about.” (paraphrased) 

        Everyday our lives are being threatened, even as our beliefs are being challenged.  The enemy is all around us trying to destroy us, luring us into a slavery of sin.  The enemy is plotting and scheming in every way possible to steal our joy, our faithfulness and everything that is good.  There is a very real war for our souls going on between heaven and hell. 

        Satan seeks to destroy our belief in God’s promises, but we can know with absolute certainty the enemy cannot do this, unless we allow him.  God's Word is true.  We can also know the enemy will be destroyed one day by God.  Our freedom is rooted in God's promises!

        Sometimes, with all the “drama” in secularism the enemy has added to the Christmas holiday, it’s hard to stay focused on the meaning of Christmas. With the shopping, decorating, entertaining, mailings, cooking and baking and all the other “must dos” on the list, we often feel overwhelmed and lost in the wonder of it all.  We lose sight of the “why” we are doing all that we are trying to get done.

        God promised he would send the Messiah to save His people.  He kept his promise, although not the way many people expected and therefore, they missed the fulfillment of this promise.  Jesus is the Greatest Gift every given.

        I heard the most interesting analogy in a sermon recently.  God told his people to multiply and share His message.  Yet how often do we hold back?  Imagine seeing a centipede, and in our dislike of the little critters we step on it to kill it.  Because of the weighted impact, we are sure the critter is dead.  When we take our foot off, however, each section has now reproduced. So instead of one squished bug, there are thousands of little centipedes and no matter how many times we step on it, the centipede sections still reproduce.  That is how God’s people should be. No matter how many times we get “stepped” on, we should reproduce God’s people, by sharing the Word, as we continue sharing God’s Greatest Gift.

         So as you put the finishing touches on your Christmas tree, wrap the last of the presents and complete the last minute baking, I challenge you to remember God’s promises, especially when satan lurks behind every corner just waiting to see a twinge of doubt, a momentary lapse in good, Godly judgment, or the weakness for a sinful behavior we still haven’t given to God.

         God is at our side, waiting to give us Jesus again, again and again.  While Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth, Easter celebrates His resurrection and offer of salvation.  This is reason to celebrate Christ.  These holidays are so connected, it’s impossible to believe in the one, without believing the other. Christ came, Christ died, Christ is resurrected.  Be the centipede.  Share this incredible gift.  It is the Greatest Gift ever given and received.  And, you can know God will not fail His people because God keeps all His promises!