He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, June 20, 2016

Immortality On Earth?

        This week we received a magazine in the mail that described several “futurist” groups/cults that have sprung up in America.  One group believes their diet (nearly starving themselves) will bring them immortality; another group believes you can “believe yourself” into immortality by changing your genes through a mind set; and if all else fails you can freeze yourself until such time that science has determined the secret to immortality!
            These ideas, of course, are on a collision course with Christianity.  By being immortal on Earth, who would need Jesus as their Savior, with heaven as their reward?
            What’s interesting is back in the 1950’s and 1960’s based on scientific discoveries, which led to the development of computers and other technological devices, and significant medical advances, there was a similar mindset.  People were sure they were on top of the “answer machine” for everything, including the potential for immortality on Earth!
People have always desired ways to stop the aging process.  Implants and surgeries of all kinds have been performed on those who have the means, to reverse what time ultimately does to everyone!  Sometimes these surgeries make it appear time has stood still, other times, the surgeries are a disaster!
Of course, we have the technology factor.  Computers are amazing!  We have the capabilities of instant communication with people across the world, even groups having conversation on different continents---with visuals!  Who would have thought?  Surely because we can bring people together on such a level, there is no stopping our world! 
We’ve put man on the moon, had extensive solar discoveries with talk of living on another planet!  There has been discussion of creating a huge “city” on a ship where people can live and have families, much like being on an island!  Our world offers an endless amount of possibilities!  Where does it end?   Some believe it won’t.
            I’m of the conviction “if Jesus said it, then it’s so and that’s the end of it”!  Jesus promises his return.  He promises heaven, a place of perfect-ness for those who follow him.  Earth holds no allure next to that option.  Earth is a place where evil runs rampant and sickness and disease are everyday occurrences.
            I choose to be like Paul.  I’ll press on in this earthly life, toward my heavenly goal.  A much greater reward awaits me there, than any thing Earth has to offer, even with all the amazing progress that has been made over the decades.
            Progress is good, but we are human and human nature breeds evil.  In this world where darkness is growing on so many different levels, staying in God’s Word to know what He says about all this, is where we should be in order to have our mind set on what comes after!  This world is temporary and when we die, nothing we have collected in any material form, will go with us. 
            Our eternal resting place is completely contingent on what we chose to do with our souls while on this Earth.  We have the ability to choose and there are only two options!  We will reside eternally in heaven, or in terrible torment, for all enduring time in hell.  For me there is only one option.  I choose God.

            I challenge you to consider where you have chosen to spend eternity.  Will your soul be in “a happy place” when you leave this life, or tormented forever?