He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, July 4, 2016

Call It A Miracle

      Today is the day of celebration of the United States Independence and festivities will include fire crackers and back yard bar-b-que’s, family gatherings and so much more!  There are stickers, parades, outfits in red, white and blue, quilts, fairs and fire works all involved in some way, in the celebration! 
In our world, as we look back over the past 200 years, we see a historical record of what some might call man’s purpose and right, while others see the challenges over the years as nothing short of a miracle.   Our country was founded on values and morals outlined by God.  It’s sad to know this lifestyle is changing at heart racing speed.
Miracles are often considered those things that happen, that seem impossible by any other means.  Still, the simple things in life can also be called “a miracle” when things happen beyond our control, even if it’s in our every day world.
Some have said if they had lived when Jesus walked the Earth, and they had actually seen Jesus perform these miracles it would be easier to believe. I wonder if this is true.  We have His Word and the world is fast changing, ignoring or denying it.   To have lived when Jesus walked the earth and have witnessed his miracles, however, must have been inspiring for those who did believe.  His miracles were so profound and life changing.  I have heard it said that He doesn’t do miracles anymore, at least not like he did back then.  I also, wonder if that is really true.  I think it may be all in a matter of perspective. 
            Consider the birth of a child.  Surely this is a miracle.  This tiny cell planted inside the woman’s womb was designed to house this tiny creature and grow for nine months before being born a completely developed little person.  That follows with the miracle that can be seen in our bodies, so intricately made.  It’s an amazing fact to know their operations still not completely understood.  
           Perhaps the tiny seed that grows into a tall tree or food that we eat could also be considered a miracle.  What about the love between husband and wife?  Couldn’t this too, be considered a miracle?  The sun that rises each day and remains at a perfect distance so that it doesn’t “fry or freeze” the earth; isn’t this, too, a miracle?  What about the ocean waters that know just where to stop on land and the mountains that stand tall and strong? 
            All these are miracles.  Along with these daily miracles witnessed by most all people are the souls that are changed from their sinful nature to one that is filled with Christ with their acceptance of him as Savior. God’s love is an incredible miracle.  The very fact that He was willing to die on a cross for me…and you….. Isn’t this too, a miracle?  I believe so. It took an amazing love, way beyond human comprehension.... and that absolutely is a miracle!
            I know when Christ accepted me in all my sins, a miracle happened.  I became a child of the King!  It doesn’t get any better than this!  This is the perfect miracle.        
           Happy Independence Day, Everyone!