He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Reason To Celebrate

         Holidays are wonderful!  They bring an excitement of celebration that causes little ones to be giddy with excitement, have sparkling eyes with faces showing toothy grins, while their adult counterparts smile and are joyful, as well. It seems to be a human characteristic to want to celebrate something.  We decorate, make cakes, give presents or cards or go somewhere special.  It helps imbed the event into our memory.

            It doesn’t need to be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or birthday to have a reason to celebrate.  Every day is a gift.  Just to be able to wake in the morning, look out across the mountains as the sun begins to peek over the edge of the trees is reason for celebration!  To hear the birds sing a tune in spring, feel the soft breeze on my face in summer, see the leaves turn color in autumn, and be dazzled by the white sparkling snow in the winter, is reason to celebrate.  There is joy in hearing children giggle or sing a nursery rhyme, while pure delight rises in my heart as I see my dog and cat playing in the yard.  There is peace as our family sits at the dinner table holding hands saying grace before the meal.

            Still the reality is many of us face trials and tribulation every day, as well.  We face moments of sadness and distress as economic woes threaten to bury us.  We grieve at the loss of a loved one and worry over the alienation of one or more of our children.  We are tormented as families are divided, and disappointed, as life seems to do nothing but be a huge burden, much to large to carry.

            It is times like this when we must seek His Kingdom.  Christ offers to bear our burdens if we are willing to place them at his feet.  Very often, however we tend to hang onto our troubles hoping somehow we can do something about them, or somehow fix whatever is wrong.  Very often we can’t.  Our problems must be placed in the hands of a Higher Power.

            Each day has reason to fill us with exultation, if we but capture the moment.  This gift of life, given by our Risen Savior is reason to celebrate.  Even when life throws us those horrible unsuspecting curves, we can find reasons to fill our heart with gladness, even though sometimes it takes effort.

            As Christmas approaches, I challenge you to take a moment and focus on the Lord.  Focus on all the good He has provided.  Bring to your mind all the positive things that have happened not only today which includes waking, eating, shelter, children, a song, a thought, a word, a smile, but yesterday’s gifts, and the day before. Remember how He came as a tiny infant to become Savior of the world and then died on the cross to take our sins.  This is huge; it’s life altering!  Take as long as you need, remembering.  It is in this remembrance you will be able to embrace God’s goodness.  Seek Him and the rest will fall into place.