He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, May 8, 2017

Esau's Birthright

       A relative of mine and I were chatting recently and she shared she was shocked at the amount of newly married couples who are buying or building large houses.  “It’s just the two of them,” she said.  “It doesn’t make sense. When Phil and I were married, we started in a small house, saved out money and later built our house.  Instant gratification seems to be the mindset of the newer generation.”

            “Agreed!” I replied.  “I’ve seen young couples end up losing their home because they couldn’t afford it.  But I found it so odd.  They bought a house, realized they couldn’t pay for it after living it in for two or three years, and then literally just walk away.  They let it go back to the bank.  I don’t get it!”

            Our society has created the mentality that relies on credit cards, that often numbers several and each are maxed out, leaving a staggering debt balance.   When stress and anxiety take over, and all seems lost, walking away, which seems to be the quickest solution, becomes the answer. 

            It’s interesting to know, however, this generation is not the first with that perspective.  The story in Genesis of Jacob and Esau is the Biblical perspective, that had huge ramifications! Esau was so preoccupied with feeding his stomach he ignored what was important.   Jacob, desiring the blessing from his father, that should have been Esau’s, since he was the ‘first born’ (even though they were twins) ….  tricked Esau into giving him his rightful birthright inheritance. 

            This story lends itself to a valuable lesson.  Our society with its ‘have it now’ mentality, skews the mindset of all that is important.  We measure our worth by how much material possessions we have to show the world!  We work to exhaustion to have all we can accumulate.  These material goods are temporary.  When we are gone from this life, and we all will be, none of those items we thought important, will have any value.

            Our value should not measured in terms of wealth in this life.  Our treasure is best stored in what we have done for God’s Kingdom.  Ultimately that is all that matters!  When we stand before The Lord, the weight of our ‘stuff’ and what we’ve accomplished, including works, mean absolutely nothing, if we don’t a right heart.  It’s our relationship and what we done for God, that carries the true weight.

            There are those who believe because they are a good person, do good things and keep the Commandments, have a place with Jesus when their time here on Earth is done.  It’s true, being a good person, while doing good things and keeping all the Commandments is absolutely important.  But the most vital thing is to know Him as Lord and Savior.

            If we reject what is right, remain unconcerned with God, including being sure our souls are safely in the hands of Christ, we will be left with nothing, just like Esau.  Our relationship with God is where we find wealth.  By choosing Him, we accept our birthright, to be part of the family of God.