He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, August 28, 2017

Creation or Creator?

             The eclipse this past week was amazing!  Some families drove thousands of miles to be certain they would be in the exact line of coverage, so they could “experience” it.  Others  from around the world came to the United States to see the event!  People marveled as they watched the sun being covered by the moon.  There are tales of people celebrating like it was New Year’s or proposing marriage, dancing or other such behaviors.  They were captivated like it was the “end all, be all.”  Then there was darkness…… and then it was over.

            I agree, the eclipse was a once in a lifetime event (unless you count the one that is supposed to happen again in seven years!) that was a wondrous example of God’s great creation!  And that’s the point.  It was an event completely in God’s plan, just like the storm in the desert or a beautiful double rainbow.  Yet, as a society we have elevated this “eclipse event” to something beyond a “natural phenomenon.”  It became a source of excitement that surpassed anything else of importance on that particular day. 

            Is it possible during this “event” we took our eyes off Christ, the Creator, and focused totally on his creation?  Did we place a higher worth on the eclipse than we did God, even if for a moment?  Some would call this idolatry.  And while that may seem extreme, whenever we place anything or anyone before The Lord, that’s exactly what it is!

            It’s easy for Believers to recognize the “end times.”  They are all around us, even to the “natural disasters” that seem to be plaguing the world.  Just this week – even as I write this – there is a horrific disaster occurring in Texas, as Hurricane Harvey pounds the area with wind and rain.  Can we look at that “event” as another natural phenomenon….yet as a sign of the last days? 

            A hurricane, is after all, truly a natural event….yet, because of the devastation and death it creates we don’t look at that as anything wonderful---rather, and rightly so, it’s horrible!  We don’t for a moment, look at that as anything worth getting excited about, rushing to “watch” or even driving hours to be a part.  We instead, again, rightly so, recoil, with horror.  Yet, this too, is part of God’s creation.

            I suggest these ‘acts of nature’ should be viewed as something spectacular and powerful that demonstrates God’s awesome power, even though one is received with joy and wonder, while the other is cause for grief and sadness.  When we consider it is God who grants mercy and love to each of us, we can reflect on the ‘occurrence’ with awe in the Creator rather than the creation.

            I encourage you to reflect on how you view these amazing acts of nature.  Are they greater than the Creator?  Is there more joy and excitement found in studying these unusual phenomenon, than there is studying about our Lord and Savior?  It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype.  It’s harder to admit, we perhaps have gone a little overboard, and ask forgiveness for tilting our worship, even when done without deliberate intention.  ……yet…..  repentance is the right thing to do.