He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, May 25, 2015

Only God Knows The Future

            I am fascinated by the predictions made on the news about when this or that will happen.  One of the latest prophecies is related to World War III.  The statement is made that we are headed for one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history.  Maybe they’re right.  I know the dollar has lost its value even while wages continue to increase, and the prices of goods and services rises even more quickly.  But man cannot predict the future. 

Men can make predictions based on statistics, or what has already happened.  They can do extensive, complicated numerical juggling to find patterns that fit their criteria and perceptions.  They can use surveys to determine how people feel about things they’ve experienced or think are going on at this minute.  But it’s still impossible to accurately predict the future.  Even weathermen, (and I am fascinated by this science), are unable to accurately predict one hundred percent of the time just what the weather will do or when it will do it!

Historians and scientists spend hours pouring over data and can, with some accuracy, based on past events, predict what they believe will occur.  Even philosophers are unable to predict what will happen in a person’s life, even within the next hour.  The events are out of his control.

The RAND corporation (Research And Development), formed in 1946 has had the ability to shed light on some things that seem to infer the capability of being able to predict the future, at least to some degree.  Statistics indicate they have been able to correctly predict 42 of 50 scientific events, related to some important and complicated problems facing our world over a fifty year period.  But even this process takes up to tens of thousands of studies, to come up with what they believe is a credible prediction.  And while 42 of 50 is a great average, it’s still not 100% correct.

            Now all that said, Christians are told to be watchful, and we have Bible information that spells out signs which will indicate we are nearing the end of the world as we know it.  Christ assures us He will return!  But even with all the information given in His Word, we still cannot predict accurately the date or time His return will be.

            So, if man cannot predict the future, who can?  There is only one person who has the ability to reveal the future and this is God, himself!  God has shown time and again He fulfills every prophesy He’s ever claimed.  There were prophesies around Jesus’ birth, life and resurrection that all came true, some written hundreds of years before he was even born!  Most recently are some of the prophesies around Israel.  It was prophesized in Ezekiel that Israel would one day become a nation and that her people would one day return.  This is happening even now as Jews scattered across the world make the pilgrimage to their homeland.  Leviticus foretells of Israel being supernaturally strong against her enemies.  This has not happened only once but several times, since her statehood in 1948.  Yet, even with all the fulfillment of prophesies relating to who the Messiah is and Israel’s revitalization, many are missing the significance.

            Clearly God is all knowing and keeps His promises.  So I challenge you to consider where you stand on Israel.  Do you see fulfillment in God’s Word?  Do you also see the signs clearly, that Christ will return soon?  I hope you do, because God said it, and it will be just as He promised, because He does know the future.