He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, September 14, 2015

A House On A Rock

          The house we built in 1980 still stands strong, yet it’s easy to see time has taken its toll on the building.  When we built it, we knew there was a live spring under the basement, so we took precautions and built up the floor.  Still a few years later the water table rose so high from increased rains, the basement flooded, requiring added measures to keep out the water.  The house wasn’t abused, but natural “settling” caused shifting, and through the normal course of time, required knocking in nails that had popped and repairing seams where the dry wall tape curled, as well as needing a good repainting!

            The Bible speaks of building our house upon a rock rather than in sand.  Our physical house was built on a foundation, which is subject to changes from natural weather phenomenon. We have heat, cold, wind, and rain, storms, earthquakes and sometimes, even fires which affect our homes. 

Our lives are much the same.  Financial issues can rock our world causing horrific damage, as can physical illness, relationship problems, career changes, bad decisions by us or even our family members, an accident of some kind or any other imaginable attack by satan!  If we are not grounded on solid rock in Christ, these onslaughts of “natural phenomenon” have the ability to pull us down into a thick mire of mud.  We can easily get “stuck” and become unable to pull ourselves out.

As our world continues to spiral downward, it is absolutely necessary for survival to keep in the Word and on our knees in prayer to be able to keep steady from the buffeting winds as our social culture and political arena are turned upside down.  We’re not only going to feel “heavy winds” in the very near future, I suggest the winds will have tornado or hurricane strength! Satan is on the move and devouring those who aren’t solid in Christ, as well as, those who choose to turn their backs to the very idea there is a God.

As Christians we are going to face trials yet unheard of here in the United States. Oppression and aggressive acts of hatred are becoming as prevalent in this country as those in other countries around the world.  It seems unthinkable that Christians can be hated so.  But I’m not sure why we’re surprised.  Jesus told us it would happen and His Word has always been true.

It’s reassuring God isn’t like the weather phenomenon I mentioned earlier. Heat, cold, wind, rain, storms, and earthquakes are subject to His command!  He is the Solid Rock we need to build our lives on!   He never changes despite the time that passes.  It is we who change.  We allow ourselves to be altered by the battering weather because we aren’t standing solidly on The Rock.

Satan uses every available ploy and “weather condition” to wear us down, and like our house that was built on a good foundation, shifting still occurred and repairs needed to be made.  It is the same in our lives.  Even if we are solid Christians, the buffeting heavy winds and hail can tear a shingle, batter the window, or put holes in the vinyl.  We need repair, daily!  Find it in His Word and on your knees!