He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, September 21, 2015

Second Thoughts

        I remember when I was in college during my math and science classes while struggling to get the information in some sensible order, there were days when I had second thoughts about what possessed me to want the college experience at age fifty!  If I were honest I’m sure there were other times in my life when I also had second thoughts.

            There’s a cute Christmas movie about a woman who was engaged three times and each time on her wedding day, had second thoughts and ran away.  It isn’t unusual for couples to have second thoughts regarding marriage since it is a life altering commitment.  The same could be said of having children, changing jobs, buying a new house or moving to a new location.  All of these areas not only affect the person making the decision but every single person remotely involved. 

            Certainly in marriage it affects both husband and wife, and often extended family and later the children.  If the couple is not solidly grounded in their relationship, it can wreak havoc on relationships all around!  If someone is changing jobs, it affects the new boss and other employees, whether the new employee is happy about his position or if he is not!  Buying a new house affects the purchasers, the family, sales people and financial institution!  Moving to a new location is much the same:  the family, new neighbors, a new boss (assuming the move requires a new job), school for the children which ripples to teachers and other students. My point is most decisions we make don’t just affect us.  Our decisions have a ripple affect.

            When Jesus was choosing his disciples, certainly their decision to follow Him affected them and their families! Those called, walked away from their jobs and families without taking money or any material goods along with them. Even if their families were completely supportive of their decision, as the disciples learned about the life they would have to lead over the next years, do you wonder if they or their families ever had second thoughts.  Jesus taught them they would be hated but were to rejoice when they were persecuted.  They would face difficulties and hardships.  Some would be arrested, jailed, beaten and become martyrs. 

            There is much teaching among us that says God wants only good things for our lives.  Those teaching this doctrine rarely, if ever, mention as believers we are going to be persecuted for our faith. Life is not always “good” or friendly; and bad things do happen to good people.  As a believer we are in a war against satan and all the demonic forces which rule on this earth.  We are told in God’s Word, to be a follower of Jesus means we will be reviled, persecuted, hated, mocked and possibly even jailed or killed.  We are no different than the original disciples.

            To be a follower of Christ means to believe so strongly in the God He is, we do not have second thoughts about the road of life we have chosen regardless of those who disagree with us.  It means choosing Jesus over our families, jobs, and those who choose to persecute us. 

            So I challenge you to take a good look at your “discipleship.”  Would you consider yourself one who loves Jesus so much, you would leave your family, job, ideal location, friends, children or anything else of value to you, to follow Him.  Do you really surrender “all?”  Or….do you have second thoughts?