He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, November 23, 2015

How Do We Worship?

          Many years ago, when I first joined the choir, a friend of mine said, to my complete surprise, “When you sing, you sing like you mean it!”

            Perhaps I’m a little odd, but it never occurred to me, to not sing like I meant it!  Isn’t that what worship is all about?  We are told in His Word to “Worship in Spirit and Truth.”  We are a people created to worship our Creator, although it can happen in a variety of ways.  We may sing, pray, lift our hands, be quiet and still; but also we worship when we honor God with our lives.  However we choose to worship, it’s supposed to be an activity of the heart.

            I admit when I was part of the choir I was often surprised when I noticed those people in the congregation who not only did not sing, but seemed bothered or even bored during the worship time.  The other side of this is the child who sings with all the gusto they can muster because they are uninhibited and just love to sing!  We should sing like the child!

            Prayer and lifting up of hands is another form of worship.  Many adults restrict their blessing because they choose to not lift their hands in adoration of their Savior.  When an adult has not grown up with the practice, they feel like they are singling themselves out when they raise their hands.  Yet Biblically, we are called to raise our hands in praise.

            Another form of worship is to just be quiet and be still.  This is so hard to do since our world is so busy.  We have television, cell phones, video games, email, face book and a host of other Internet sites.  With all the distractions our minds are often in overdrive and it’s difficult to quiet our minds to all other sounds so we can hear God’s still small voice.  But when we can, feeling the presence of The Lord is amazing!

            As we ready our tables and homes for Thanksgiving, I encourage you to consider how you and your family worship.  I know many families will stop and bless the food before eating.  Some have the tradition of going around the table and allowing each person to share one thing for which they are grateful.  Other families have other ways of demonstrating a thankful heart.

            When we express our gratitude we are honoring God and we are also expressing a form of worship.  When we stop and thank God for all the gifts and blessings whether big or small we are worshipping Him.

            So I challenge you to make a list of all the blessings you can think of.  Begin with waking in the morning, for your next breath, the water you drink (or coffee or other beverage), the food you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner; clothes you wear, shelter, family (list each family member separately and try to name one specific thing you are especially thankful for, regarding them), church family, pastor, education, reading material –specifically the Bible, and every single thing you are thankful for. 

            Even if you don’t have everything you want or even feel like you need, chances are you are better off than many others, perhaps in your own town or even your community.  Thanksgiving is a special time---a time to have a thankful heart with friends and family!

            Praying yours is a Happy Thanksgiving!