He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, November 2, 2015

Truth Has Become Relative

I am a bit of a History buff who enjoys reading old history books or articles about ages old civilizations, other lands, people, and how this country was founded, developed and grew.  The people who lived centuries ago have amazing stories of courage, vision and drive, some with a political agenda or desiring religious freedom and sometimes, just the desire to experience the new and unknown, on an adventurous journey!  Those who trekked across this land those many years ago, I suggest, would be greatly surprised with where our leaders have taken this country and the direction it continues to travel!

The United States was founded on the principle of God as our Creator, but there has been a revolution in our culture.  Each year we fall further away as laws are created and enforced which further alienates us from God’s Word and what is considered good and right.  This is all done in the name of progress and success for any person who develops a strategy where clawing and scraping to get to the top is the ultimate measure of success without regard for anyone else in the process.

We’ve developed an attitude that “all truth is relative” while we compromise and say “if it’s okay with you, then it’s okay with me.”  There has been a huge shift in the attitude of right and wrong.  There is rarely any black or white clear and distinctive lines or boundaries.  Our choices have become gray and clouded with being “politically correct.”  Our culture demands we are all inclusive.  It’s a war, we as Christian’s, are losing.  We are blown off course with no shame.  Whatever the conflict, we are encouraged to compromise and keep comfortable.

God is a jealous God and our world is increasingly creating other “gods” whether it be success, money, material goods, sports, food, style, drugs, gambling and more.  We are as the people described in 2 Chronicles because we are doing what is right in “our own eyes.” 

More than ever we Christians need a battle plan!  We need to search the Word and ask “Who will fight?”  Who will pray?  Who will witness?  Who will lead?  Who will go?  Who will be obedient?

Satan wants us to feel powerless.  He wants us to become complacent and frustrate our attempts to be on the trail for Christ.  He even has strategically placed people among the believers who look and sound like a believer but is actually in the enemy camp against God.  We are told in His Word this would happen, so it shouldn’t really surprise us.  But it should encourage us to diligently seek His Word and be in prayer!

So I challenge you to consider ways you might be being “politically correct” when God is calling to be strong and faithful.  Are there areas in your life where your attitude is ‘everybody’s doing it’?  Have you blurred the boundaries of right and wrong?  We are accountable for our choices.  Jesus will return soon and we each must “own” how we handled life on this earth.  Are you ready to face Him?