He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, January 23, 2017

Grant Us Power

      A friend of mine some years ago, learned her cancer was gone.  The doctors called it a miracle. It had to be.  She was given only weeks to live and instead she was healed.  There were many people, friends and family, all over the United States praying for her through prayer chains, prayer services, and regular church services.      

There is power in prayer when many pray together.  The believers in Acts prayed be able to speak with boldness to others about the saving power of Jesus.  They wanted heart and strength to stand against anyone and anything that would try to deter them.  The Believers knew that Jesus was alive and well, yet there were many who didn’t believe the Messiah had yet even come!  They knew they would face ridicule, mockery, and persecution because of their beliefs and wanted to make sure they could stand steadfast, and solid as a rock no matter what outside force would oppose them. 

            God worked in people’s lives long before my friend, or those in Acts.  God worked in the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and many others, like Moses.  God was there when Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, and faced with battle against the Amalekites.  Moses told Joshua he would hold up his rod as “the staff of God in his hands” during the battle.  As long as Moses held up his rod, the Israelites were triumphant.  When his rod was lowered, the Amalekites would gain control.  His arm became tired, so Aaron and Hur helped by supporting his arms.  In this way, the rod remained up and the Israelites obtained victory.  With God in the forefront, Moses, Aaron and Hur worked together to obtain the same goal:  that God would prevail and He did.   (See Exodus 17:8-12)

God wants to work in our lives much the same way. God gave the Believers in Acts the power to work together for the good of all and speak boldly because they prayed together and asked for God’s hand on, and in their lives.  Their prayer was like the rod Moses held.  Their mission of service was directly in front of them.  God is willing to give us the same power when we ask, especially when we are in unity with other believers to reach the same end, and if we are willing to accept it.

In the same way that Moses, Aaron and Hur worked together to hold the rod high, trusting God and following His directives and like the Believers in Acts, we need to do the same thing.  When we do, we can see “miracles” happen in and through our lives.  When we as Christians, pray together in one accord, we are working for his Kingdom.  Our prayers allow us to be mindful of others, and promotes growth and opportunities to boldly tell others about His love.  

I challenge you to first be in prayer in your personal lives, and then pair with another person or several on a regular basis to pray jointly.  I encourage you to join with others to pray with Believers in a fellowship setting.   Our country and world, neighborhoods, communities and families are in dire need. God will grant us power when we pray.