He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, June 26, 2017

God Is The Supreme Power

         Some years ago we received a surprise phone call from a relative, states away, who needed us to come to her aid.  It took some re-scheduling, but we were able to see to the needs of this young woman.  Another time a neighbor in our community, needed their newly acquired lot to be cleared of trees, so their next home could be placed on the foundation. My husband, along with other members of the church, came to their aid.  Another time a neighbor needed a tow, while another needed meals delivered after a crisis in the family.

            It is our Christian duty to assist, support and encourage one another.  While one person may need help financially, another may need physical help (like knowledge and ability to cut down trees) or even have the lawn mowed; another may require consolation, comfort and encouragement, and someone else may need clothing, shoes or coats.

            Not everyone can do everything well.  While my husband is very capable of offering assistance with car repair, lawn and tree service, I am more likely to be able to help with cooking, sewing, or even house cleaning.  Other people are trained to be experts in the law, medicine, electronics or engineering, to name a few!

            What’s amazing, is knowing our God is capable in all things!  He has power that way exceeds anything we can comprehend.  It is His nature to want to help us, but how often do we fail to ask?  We plow through the problem, murmuring because we hit bad times again, but forget we can have comfort with just a few words: “Lord, help me!" 

            People are quick to think asking for help reveals weakness, but the opposite is true.  To admit we have a problem often takes more strength than being silent.  This is probably more true for men, because our society has taught our men and boys to “be strong,” or “crying is for sissy’s.”  Emotions and feelings are as real for one gender as another. 

            I have one male friend who remains adamant about “doing it myself” even when the job requires help.  Oh, he’ll get it done, but not without a lot of time, and physical pains that follow! We are designed, as mentioned before, to “need one another.”  And we are also designed to need God. 

            I’m not suggesting just because we say, “Lord, I need help,” all our problems will end.  However, by admitting we need help, we’ve begun a process that allows our thought progression to look beyond ourselves for answers.  Life is challenging for everyone.  When we can rely on a friend or neighbor, and certainly a God who loves us; our life, regardless of challenges, will be manageable.

            I encourage you to reflect on the problems you are now facing, no matter what level or area.  Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, there are answers.  Admit to not knowing all, or being able to handle everything alone and allow those who love you to help, including the Greatest Power of all: God.