He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, August 24, 2015

Close To God

         In the story of Abram, in Genesis 22, we are told God promised him a son and descendants as many as the stars and Abram believed.  Yet only two verses later when God promises possession of the land, Abram wanted to know how.

            In my own life, there have been times when I truly believed, with all my being, a miracle would happen but my head argued with my heart.  It wasn’t logical, and for a moment, doubts would cloud my mind. So I waited and have been blessed in ways I’d never imagined, with circumstances worked out in ways I’d never even considered!

            Sometimes the events which define my life seem no different than those of anyone else.  I have good days and bad, struggles and issues, dreams and hopes, desires and prayers.  And rarely can I tell you exactly how any one thing happened, but I can look back over the last week, weeks, months and sometimes years and say, “Oh yeah!  God did that!"  Sometimes, however, the answer will come in just an instant and from the most unlikely source.  Again, you can say nothing less than, “Oh yeah!  That was God!”

            There are times when someone will pray for a miracle from their perspective and need, while another person prays a prayer from their particular viewpoint and God designs an answer which more than satisfies both parties!  This happened to me recently and I can only say, “Oh yeah! That was God!”

Abram was close enough to God to ask, “How will I know?”  He wanted to be sure.  Isn’t it the desire of all Christians to feel such one-ness with God to be able to chat, question and discuss things with God?  Adam and Eve did this before the fall.  And even though they lost their unique relationship with Him in the Garden, because of their sin, they still were in touch with God.  So why can’t we?

We really do have this opportunity, if we recognize it.  Prayer is our connection to God.  Just as we can talk via telephone lines from one side of the world to another, prayer can carry our words from our heart to God’s—and God can respond.  However, we must be tuned in to God’s voice much like the receiver of a phone is against our ear so we hear the communication clearly. His answer can come through His voice speaking to us just as clearly as though we were talking with any other friend.  It can come through a small quiet voice into our hearts and minds.  It can come through reading His Word, through a sermon, or through other people.  The point is, if we are listening and tuned into God, we will know we have our answer and God is speaking directly to us!

            Daily conversation with God will aid our “telephone calls” with him.  To know Him is to talk with him.  To know Him is to love him.  To love Him is to be in tune with him.  So I challenge you to make a one on one connection with the Lord.  Have a conversation with Him and listen; listen to hear His voice; listen to hear what He has to say to you and draw close to Him.