He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, August 10, 2015

In The Beginning

          I’ve been a student of the Bible for many years, yet today when discussing the desire to draw closer to God with a close friend, he first went to Genesis 1.  I’ve read, like most everyone who has any knowledge of the Bible the Creation Story probably a hundred times or more in my lifetime.  In fact, as a child, it is scripture I could recite verbatim!  When my friend first went to this beginning chapter I was confused, until he shared his thoughts!

            On the first day God created light and darkness, day and night.  In this one act God demonstrated power, his originality, dominion, himself as Creator and Masterful Designer!  On the second day God created an expanse between the water, calling the expanse above, sky, demonstrating a definite strategy.  So in addition to his power and originality, he is planning! 

On the third day the water below and sky above came together.  God called the dry ground, land and the water that met the land, He called, sea.  He also commanded the earth produce plants, grain and seeds of it’s own kind. This was a busy day!  God saw his creation and said it was “Good!”   God’s creation is intended to carry on His designs, enabling it to last a while and assessing His creation again, says, “It is good! “

On the fourth day God again deals with light and darkness.  He creates the sun for light during the day, while creating the moon and stars for the night.  A different light than the first light!  God’s creation on day one is “Spiritual Light” because God is light, while the light on day four is for the earth.  Again, God sees  what He’s created is good!  On the fifth day God filled the waters with all kinds sea creatures and the air was filled with all kinds of birds!  He also created land animals, and told all to reproduce according to their own kinds.

The sixth day brought the creation of man in His image, male and female!  Man was given dominion over all the earth, blessed, told to multiply and subdue the earth!  Think of it!  We humans, God’s creation were given total authority over all living things in the sea, on the land and the birds of the air!  He gave us herbs, fruits, vegetation and meat from the animals to eat.  Here God’s goal is clear!  He has planned for an enduring creation!   God again, assessed his work and saw that it was good! 

Finally on the seventh day, God rested from his work and made the day Holy.  In his originality, his creativity, through his awesome power, and demonstrating his sovereignty, God looked at His work and said, “It is complete! It is done! And it is good!”

We were created by a Master Designer and given amazing gifts of sustenance and authority over the earth, and He said, “It is good!”  Why then are we so quick to defile our bodies with sin like evil thoughts, pride, deceit, covetousness, blasphemy, theft, and all other wickedness?  Satan is as real today as he was the day he deceived Eve in the Garden. 

God demonstrated his power every day of the week.  He worked six days and rested on the seventh.  Isn’t this how we should live our lives?  Shouldn’t the six days of the week be our work for the Lord, while living Christ-like lives, so others can see?  And then on the seventh, like God, rest, worship the God that He is, and fellowship with other believers?   This was God’s design and it’s time we recognize it!