He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a

Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick Or Treat!

I heard the knock at the door and went to answer.  I caught my breath as I faced a six-foot figure with an ugly, weather beaten face, black, disheveled, straggly hair, a black flowing dress, accompanied by a black cape and pointed black hat; holding a straw broom.  I was terrified, even though I knew who it was!  Thankfully, my husband had gotten word of our guest, just before arrival!

            As it turned out the “witch” at my door was a well-educated, college professor who had just left the home of another friend who did not know their guest.  The husband knew the identity, but not the wife.  Since the husband was part of the ruse, the “witch” played the part to the hilt, chasing the wife with “her” broom, right into the bathroom, where my friend straddled the tub in an effort to get away from the intruder.  All the while the husband is rolling with laughter! 

The true identity of the “witch” was exposed once the total head piece was removed.  But by then, my friend was so frightened by the ugly, menacing face and outfit, even with the removal of the costume, she could not be consoled. The husband and witch, once they realized how upset my friend was, apologized for the ruse. 

As I reflect on the holiday “Halloween,” I am mortified by what it has become.  It’s the time of year when on television and at the movies, the worst, most-scariest shows appear!  It’s like people want to be scared out of their skin!  The costumes and plot line get worse every single year.  Our minds have become so skewed to what we picture as evil, that these horrible costumes are accepted as “the best!”  Halloween is now about demons and the occult; those things God said we should stay away from!

When I was growing up, it was more about silliness and cute; even to the usage of a paper bag decorated or a paper plate!  We’d dress up in something unusual (but not scary!) and go trick or treating.  What’s sad, is not only has the element of dress and story gotten scarier, so has the “trick or treating.”  We’ve become a society where parents insist NO candy is eaten or opened until it arrives home and each piece is inspected!  Our children can no longer accept cookies or handmade candy because there is a very real threat of harm or danger within!

God is not about darkness and fear.  That is pure satan!  God wants our lives to project what is good and pure; a light to the world.  When we encourage the “dark behaviors” to continue as completely acceptable, we are encouraging a toe hold for satan!  And truth be told, satanic cults are springing up all over the place!  Is it any wonder? 

So I challenge you to consider how you view Halloween.  Is it worth your time and energy, or spirit, to celebrate a time that has become dark and ugly, frightening and evil?  I’m not suggesting not allowing the children to trick or treat…..little ones love dressing up—and so do the older ones….  but perhaps a different mindset might be a good thing.  I believe it’s worth considering.